2018’s Best Aquarium Water Chiller Reviews: Top Fish Tank Coolers

the best aquarium chillerThere is much more to having an aquarium filled with beautiful fish than meets the eye. There are different foods you have to get depending on the breed of fish, different water pumps and circulators for different size gallon tanks and also various forms of coral and plants you can get to compliment the variety of fish you may own.

Along with all of these must-haves for a thriving tank, you must also consider getting the best aquarium chiller you can find. Fish are cold-blooded which means their internal body temperature changes because of their surroundings and the atmosphere that they are living in.

The best way to ensure that your fish are living in a safe and regulated temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is to get a fish tank cooler. There are many different brands and varieties of these in the fish tank accessory industry but we have chosen the best coolers that will work great in your home or office. It takes much more than going to a pet store and choosing a cool looking fish to put in a fish tank.

Every fish you can purchase is different and because of this, it takes a little time and effort in research and studying so you know exactly what you are getting into when you decide to put the best aquarium chiller in your home or business office. Read our aquarium chiller reviews to see what products will keep the temperature perfect for your pet fish…

Best Aquarium Chillers Reviews

Doing the proper research and finding out the best fish tank cooler that will work for the size you have and also the types of fish you own, is very important. The safety and security of your fish, depend on it.

IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium Chiller

If you own a tank that is 10 gallon or less, this is the best chiller for you; it has been known to work in a 20 gallon tank, however, it is not as efficient. The IceProbe Thermoelectric aquarium chillers are incredibly reliable and is quiet enough to not be disruptive or annoying when it is working properly.

The fan above the heatsink emits a low humming noise and can’t be heard from very far away. When you purchase this chiller, you automatically purchase a one-year warranty so if anything goes wrong or breaks within the first year of you having it, you can get a replacement part or a tune-up, for free. It also doesn’t require a water pump in order to work so that’s one less piece of equipment you have to buy.

A downfall to this specific aquarium chiller is the fact that it is a bit bulky and doesn’t have a very attractive look while it is in your tank. If you can find some way to hide it, that would be your best bet but if not, you’re going to have to get used to it hanging over the side of your fishes’ home.

JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium

This fish tank cooler is one of the most technologically advanced chillers, available. It should not be used in tanks that hold over 130 gallons of water. It was designed with coil technology that is the best in the industry; the coils are used for a better chilling effect on the water in the tank. The device pulls cool air from the front of the cooler and draws the air out the back, all while heating it and extinguishing it into the water for a warmer feel.

It has a built-in thermostat which allows you to program the degree of water that is best for the type of fish that you have and it is guaranteed to keep the water temperature at the degree, give or take 1 degree higher or lower. When you purchase this aquarium chiller, it comes with a two-year warranty and has been known for not having any issues whatsoever and the warranty is rarely used. This chiller also comes with a remote control that has a bright LCD light on the screen so you can read it during the day or at night and adjust things in the tank, accordingly.

When it comes to this JBJ Aquarium Arctica Titanium chiller, you must be sure to keep things a certain distance away from the coils because they get very hot and need space to emit the heat and work efficiently. If and when you do have an issue with this cooler, the customer service that is available to help is not very reliable or quick to fix your problem or answer your questions.

Hamilton Technology Aqua Euro Max

This top rated aquarium chiller is acceptable to have in tanks that are for saltwater fish and freshwater fish as well; they are made for aquariums that hold up to 50 gallons of water. It comes with a digital controller that has an LED light in it for easy reading and adjust-ability. In the event of a power outage, the memory of the aquarium chiller can recall settings that are previously maintained so you won’t have to go back and re-do everything once your power comes back on.

This is a money saving aquarium chiller – it uses a reliable compressor that saves energy with each use. The cover that sets on the tank itself is easily removable so you can clean things properly and not worry about messing up the mechanics of the chiller. The anti-freezing system that is built into this product protects the heat exchanger from freezing and malfunctioning.

Although this aquarium chiller is not very loud, when it does kick on and begin it’s cooling process, you can definitely hear it get going. Eventually, you will not be able to audibly notice it but initially, it will cause some noise.

EcoPlus ½ HP Aquarium Chiller

This aquarium chiller is capable of handling up to 132 gallons of water. Like some other aquarium coolers, this one also has the ability to reset itself if there is a power outage or a malfunction with the wiring. The set-up is simple and doesn’t require very much hardware or tools in order to get together and begin working.

Unfortunately, this chiller has a few setbacks and downfalls that have been noted from buyers; it doesn’t have the best reliability ratings, it tends to be a bit loud when it is working and it also tends to have an inaccurate thermostat. If you choose to buy this one, be forewarned that some of these things can happen but won’t necessarily happen with every single model that is purchased.

Active Aqua Chiller 1/10 HP

This fish tank cooler can handle cooling a tank that holds up to 40 gallons of water. It comes with an easy controller that makes it easy to set the temperature to what your fish need. The heat exchanger is safe for both saltwater and freshwater fish to thrive in. It is very reliable and is quick and easy to set up and get things going.

This aquarium chiller was originally designed for hydroponics instead of aquarium cooling. Because of this, there are no instructions manuals as to how to use this in a fish tank aquarium; if you run into issues, unfortunately, there are no customer service or tech support to help with an aquarium chiller, Active Aqua Chiller 1/10 HP.

Coralife 1/10hp Aquarium Chiller

Although this specific chiller is designed for tanks that hold up to 55 gallons, small or big sizes are also available. You can adjust the temperature to stay set to any degree that is safe for your fish and this chiller will regulate the water temperature within 2 degrees, higher or lower than what you set it to.

The remote control has a bright LED light screen that is easy to program and control with a few buttons pushes. The air filters can be removed for easy cleaning and accessibility in case repair needs to be made.

The parts of the coils in this chiller will not rust are were made for efficiency and reliability in heating and cooling the water temperature. There is one simple downfall – if you can even call it that; there is only a one-year warranty after you purchase it. The hope is that you won’t ever have to use the warranty which is why there is only a year stamp on it.

What Do Aquarium Chillers Do?

So, what is the point of an aquarium chiller and how does it actually work in order to regulate the temperature of your tank and keep your fish healthy and safe? The warmer that water is, the worse it can be for most fish that you would have in your own personal fish tank at home.

An aquarium cooler or chiller does its best to replace the warmer water with cooler water. The process goes through four different components before it exits the device and creates the cooler water for the fish.

How Does Tank Water Get So Warm?

temperatureWarm water in a tank can be for various reasons. If you have bright lights or special effect lighting in the tank, the bulbs can definitely have an effect on the water temperature.

Fluorescent light bulbs tend to be cooler than incandescent bulbs, but LED lights are the coolest of all. If you have to choose, the latter is the best way to go for the safety of your fish.

Also, the larger water you pump you have, the more heat it will emit into the tank water. It may seem odd, but the climate you live in can also play a factor in the water temperature. If you live in a warmer area, your house and atmosphere inside the house will mimic that feeling and temperature.

Water Flow With Pumps

Having a good water pump is important for adequate water flow. A decent water pump will push the warm water into the cooler and allow for the chilling process to begin. Circulating water is important in a tank because it allows for a stable and steady water temperature.

Some chillers come with their own water pumps, however, it is better to have one separately in case of a malfunction. It is better to have either a pump or a cooler instead of nothing at all.

Where Does The Aquarium Chiller Heat Go?

Because aquarium chillers release heat from the coils inside of it, they must release that heat at some point, otherwise, it will build up too much. It is important that you keep your chiller at a safe distance from walls or cabinets. Putting it inside an enclosed cabinet could be dangerous because there is nowhere for the heated air and fan to blow away from the device.


No matter what type of tank you have in your home or office, it is important to have an aquarium chiller or cooler for the safety of your pets. There are so many different brands and models available and doing the research and truly knowing the ins and outs of your tank, is crucial. Some chillers are beneficial for a certain type of tank but could be harmful if used in the wrong size gallon tank.

If you are getting your first aquarium chiller, talk to professionals or other fish owners who have used and worked with the devices before. Fish are cold blooded so you must know what it is that keeps these types of animals safe and healthy, all while trying to imitate their natural habitat for them.

Size really does matter so be sure you know the details and ins and outs of the tank you purchase before putting your fish in it and getting the pump, chiller, and lights set up and ready to go. Your fish are depending on you to provide them with a safe, happy and healthy home. Although they are not cuddly pets that you can play fetch with, they are still your pets and are a part of your family. They require dedication and commitment that you should be more than willing to give to them, every single day.