What is the Best Size of Aquarium?

Choosing a fish tank can be a daunting task.  This is the place that your beloved fish will call home and spend all their time in.  Therefore you must make sure that you give your fish a place they can feel safe and secure as well as eat regularly.


Sizes of Aquariums

Now we will go over some of the different fish aquarium sizes and their pros and cons of each type.


This is a popular type of 10 gallon fish tank and is suitable for smaller types of fish like schooling fish.  It works great for this purpose although 10 gallons is not a very big size so it isn’t suitable for holding a ton of fish.  We would suggest this only if space is a major problem.


These 30 gallon tanks are a step up from the smaller 10 gallon ones and are good for holding many smaller fish like goldfish and other species.  They setup great in lots of places and allow kids to easily view the inside while also having the benefits of being very low maintenance.

Large Fish Tanks

This type of 55 gallon aquarium is great for families and will hold a lot more fish that the others wont. It can be a bit on the expensive side but no worries there are many different models available that are quite affordable.  One benefit of tanks this size is that it can hold so much more than just fish. Eels and Catfish can also be contained in this type of tank and there is plenty of room for all of them. Just make sure not to mix different species that are not compatible! Go here to view some of these aquariums www.bestautomaticfishfeeders.com/top-rated-tanks.

Extra Large

This type of fish tank is suitable when you have either a large number of fish or just need something bigger than what is currently being offered.  A few words of caution here.  If we think about it water weighs almost 4 pounds per gallon.  So what this tells us is that the weight of the fish tank when full would be a whopping 1000 pounds!  Because of this don’t simply put this type of tank on any old table.  You must buy a good tank stand and make sure that it can support it or else your precious fish will pay the price.

Don’t Forget the Shape

The shape of the fish tank that you buy is also another important consideration for many reasons.  One is that if you buy a tall tank it may be very difficult to reach the bottom of the tank and clean it.  Also if there are problems they are harder to address with some shapes.

Should You Buy a Kit?

This will depend on the level of experience you have dealing with fish.  If you are a complete beginner aquarist then we say yes.  There is definitely a lot of value in getting a good aquarium kit to help you out along  the way in your journey to becoming a fish expert.  If you are experienced on the other hand then don’t bother with the kit and just get a good fish tank right here.