A History of Pet Fish

Pet fish are one of the most interesting pets that you can possibly have.  They are fairly easy to maintain and are a wonderful addition to any home.  We will go over the history of pet fish and how these amazing aquatic animals lives have gotten better.

Back Then

Fish used to be used as pets in ancient times believe it or not.  This seems hard to fathom as the middle ages weren’t very friendly to animals.  The ancient Romans were said to have kept fish as pets to entertain themselves as well as for a source of food.  Can you blame them?  Some fish are very delicious.  The proof of this fact is that the hieroglyphics show different breeds in the art.

The chinese people also bred different fish like goldfish around the time of the 10th century.  The european people finally got a taste of what its like to have pet fish around the end of the 18th century.  This really propelled the rise of the fish as a pet and not just a food source.

The first public aquarium was opened in 1853 to display fish.  This aquarium was opened in London and was shortly copied by cities such as Paris and a couple in Germany.  Having fish in the house used to be a sign of status almost as un wealthy peasants couldn’t afford them.  The rich viewed them as a must have in their houses.

Back then fish keeping was quite difficult.  The reasons for this are many.  First of all the aquariums were very poorly made compared to modern day ones.  Second of all the filters were very low quality and the fish suffered from malnutrition and other diet related issues.  There was also no internet obviously with information on how to care for fish so people didn’t know any better and just did what they could.



Fast forward to today and things have changed drastically for fish.  Now we have aquariums and other fish related accessories that are top of the line and available at affordable prices.  Things like automatic feeders allow us to take care of our fish easily and conveniently while we go on vacation and are at work.  Also the fish that are available to buy are way healthier than they used to be.  The reason for this is that they are treated fairly well in captivity and have less parasites and other diseases that we definitely don’t want.

Most of the fish reproduction is done overseas in Asia although some is done in the USA as well.  The bad thing about fish that are bred in captivity is that they tend to be on the weaker side because they have an easier life and don’t have to fend for themselves and fight for food.

If you don’t want to have a real pet fish but still like them then there are even virtual aquariums online now too.  This allows people to keep fish without even leaving the home.  For more fish feeders go here www.bestautomaticfishfeeders.com