IntelliFeed Fish Feeder Review

The IntelliFeed is another great option if you’re looking for a quality dispenser.  It has solid reviews and is another one of our top picks for use indoors.  Keep reading to find out why.


This product has a unique design, that works by first extending and then rotating a sealed container, thus dropping a pre-chosen amount of food into the aquarium/tank for your fish to eat.  After the meal is dropped out, the sealed container then returns back to the housing, allowing the food to stay dry and eliminating the problem of food jamming.


  • Digital touchpad control allows for easy programming.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket that should be able to fit most aquariums.
  • Uses 4 AA batteries but also has the option for a 6VDC power adapter.
  • Can deliver up to 12 meals in a 24 hour period if needed.
  • Can hold 35 grams of food in the hopper.
  • Designed for both salt and freshwater aquariums.
  • Sleek, attractive design not only looks good but performs amazingly.
  • The extending container allows food to stay dry when not in use, which helps to prevent jamming.
  • Can stand on the hood if needed for odd shaped tanks.

The Good

  • Top rated quality feeder.
  • Solves the issue of food clumping.  It does this through the unique extending container design.
  • Easy to setup and program for non technical people.
  • Mounting Bracket should fit most aquariums and tanks.
  • Long battery life and has optional power adapter available for purchase.
  • Very nice design that looks great.

The Bad

  • The price is on the higher side for these type of dispensers.
  • Might be incompatible with some rare flake types.
  • The container can be a bit small if there is a need to feed a lot of fish.

Best Suited For

This product is best suited for anyone that is looking for a high quality, well-designed product, and can afford to invest in a slightly more expensive one.  Of course, anyone that goes on vacation or holiday will benefit tremendously as well, by not having to worry about your pets so you can enjoy yourself.   Or even anybody who is just busy on a hectic schedule and would like to have more free time.

Not So Great For

This product might not be ideal if you are on a tight budget, or have the free time to do multiple feedings per day.  Also if you need to feed your fish a type of food that is rarer, then make sure that it can be used in this product.

The Verdict

If you want a well designed dispenser and you’re willing to invest slightly more for good quality then this is a great option.  The IntelliFeed not only looks amazing but performs well, has great battery life and is made to eliminate some of the problems that are prevalent in other products, such as clumping food and jammed openings.  Click Here to go back to the homepage and see more info.