Kedsum Aquarium Fish Feeder Review

This Kedsum Fish feeder is another great option for an aquarium dispenser.  It is highly rated because it comes with a lot of cool features like anti-damage and multiple programmable settings.  Keep reading to find out more about this awesome and affordable feeder.


This product has a sleek compact design and can clamp onto almost any aquarium.  It also supports both automatic and manual feeding which is a great feature that surprisingly, some products don’t have.  There is a shockproof feature as well which prevents damage, making it good for homes with small children or pets that might have the tendency to drop bump into it.


Here are just some of the cool features:

  • The food quantity is fully programmable which allows you to customize the size of the meal you give your fish.
  • The 2 AA batteries that it runs off last a really long time as it runs on very little power.
  • Digital clock is programmable and accurate so the feedings are always on time.
  • The door is air tight to prevent moisture from getting in and making the food clump.
  • An anti jam feature ensures perfect feedings every time with no clumps.
  • Works very well with pellet type fish foods
  • Schedule and quantity of the meal can be altered at any time without issue
  • Very easy to program and can be done with just one key.
  • When the feeding schedule expires a special alarm will notify you.
  • Hopper can fit up to 80g.
  • Can be set for up to 99 feeding days and up to 4 times per day.
  • Compact design fits a variety of tanks.

What’s Inside

  • Kedsum Digital Automatic Fish Feeder.
  • Bracket accessories.
  • English Manual.

What We Like

We like the compact size of this dispenser and the fact that it can be mounted on a wide variety of tanks.  The long battery life is another huge benefit and the alarm that warns of an expiring schedule is great too.  The easy programming makes it great for non technical people so there is less of a learning curve.  The manual feeding option is great for giving out snacks too.

What We Don’t Like

Overall this is a great dispenser, but if we have to pick what we don’t like then it would be that the food options that can be used are a bit more limited than with other feeders.  Flake food can have a tendency to clump so if you need to use that then this might not be for you.

Who This Is For

This particular product is suited for anybody who needs an affordable, reliable dispenser that consistently performs well.  Also, anybody that travels or is looking to save some time with a digital feeder will benefit greatly.

Who This Is Not For

Pretty much anybody that needs to use flake food for their fish won’t be able to use this feeder as it’s more suited for pellets.

The Verdict

If you are in need of a compact and reliable feeder then this one by Kedsum is a solid option.  If you need to use a specific type of flake food then you might need a different product.  To see other options go here