Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Fish Food Dispenser Review

This hanging style pond dispenser by Moultrie is a great choice for those that have a very high number of fish that need to be fed.  It features a huge 6.5-gallon tank that will last a long time before needing to be refilled.  Like most dispensers it allows the feeding times and portions to be customized.  It can be set to dispense up to 6 times per day and run from 1-20 seconds for each cycle.  A benefit of this feeder is that it has a directional shroud that projects the food so it doesn’t end up on your dock.


Here are our favorite features of this product.

  • Battery operated (one 6 volt battery included)
  • Very accurate dispensing with the directional shroud having a 25-foot casting distance.
  • Fully adjustable portion and run time settings.
  • Easy to program
  • Huge tank for lots of storage.

Good Points

  • Great price.  For the amount of storage in this dispenser, the price is a real bargain.  Other products with this amount of storage usually cost more.
  • Easy to use.  You don’t need to be a technical person to operate this feeder.  It’s fairly easy to schedule the times and portions that you want.
  • Secure.  The Metal bucket will do a great job of keeping out all the pests.  This can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run as some types of fish food can be quite expensive.
  • Accurate dispensing.  For hanging dispensers, it’s necessary for them to expel the food accurately or else you could end up with a bunch of food on your dock.  Not only would this be a mess, but it’s also a waste of money.

Bad Points

  • The main bad point with this product is that some people may have trouble with hanging it.  This is actually not as hard as you might think.  You can simply buy a hanging feeder pole and install it.  Or if you really know what you’re doing, then it’s possible to make your own pole.  We would recommend you to just get a proper pole though for safety reasons.
  • Another negative point is that the display for the clock is encased in a cover and can be a bit annoying to adjust if needed.  It’s a fairly minor inconvenience though.

Who Would Like This Product?

Anybody that has a huge amount of fish that need to be taken care of consistently will love this product as it does so much of the work for you after you set it up.  Ideal for people that have ponds or small lakes and don’t have time to go out multiple times a day and feed all the fish by hand.

Who Wouldn’t Like This Product?

People that don’t want to install a pole to hang the dispenser if needed will probably not like this product.  As we said earlier this can be done fairly easily but if you aren’t interested then check out some of our other auto fish food dispensers.


For outdoor water bodies like lakes you really can’t go wrong with this product.  Give it a try and save yourself loads of time.