2018’s Best Aquarium Water Pumps: Quietest Pump Reviews

quietest aquarium water pumpsWhen you buy an aquarium you’re going to expect them to be relaxing and peaceful. This is one of the main reasons people decide to buy aquariums in the first place. However, when you turn on the system it can sometimes make a horrible humming or buzzing sound that is not peaceful in the slightest. Noisy fish tanks are more annoying when you’re sleeping, especially if you have the system in your room near your bed.

You will get a lot of restless nights if you are putting up with a humming machine and it may be beneficial to invest in a quieter water pump. Fortunately, many people have this problem and quieter pumps have been developed to remedy this issue. This guide will review the best quiet water pumps that you can buy, so you can finally get a full night’s rest.

The Quietest Water Pumps – Top 5

There are a lot of different brands available to individuals who are looking to give their tank a much-needed upgrade. We have done the research and picked 5 pumps that we think produce the least amount of noise. If you’re looking for a truly relaxing aquarium, try one of these fish tank water pumps.

Aqueon Quietflow Submersible Utility Pump 1200

The Benefits

  • Despite its larger size, it is very quiet
  • Because of its size, the flow rate is impressive
  • It’s nice to look at and this is beneficial considering it is difficult to hide

The Limitations

  • This machine requires you to break it in. For the first for weeks you use it, it will be noisy. However, it will quiet down as time goes on.

This device is a lot bigger but it should not be disregarded for it size. The water pump has an adjustable flow rate which enables the user to have the rate between 317gph to 608gph. That is an enough for a 152-gallon tank! The measures for this product are 6.2” x 4.4” x 6.5”.


Aquatop NP-302 Submersible Pump

The benefits

  • The water pump is super small so it can be hidden from view, saving the beauty of the aquarium
  • It is very quiet (because of its size)
  • The flow rate is small but adjustable
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater tanks


  • Buyers have reported that the setup and attachments for this pump can be difficult to work with

This is a very tiny aquarium water pump and it is originally designed for micro tanks (or nano tanks) because of its small infrastructure. Because of its size, the pump is set to 130gph, but this can be adjusted to suit bigger fish tanks. As for the measurements, the Aquatop is 2.2” x 1.8” x 2”. It also weighs 9 ounces, so it’s very light (this is why some people have trouble fitting it).


EcoPlus 396 Submersible Pump


  • One of the quietest pumps available
  • It is built to last and can run for years at a time

The Limitations

  • When you use the machine in-line, a number of complications have appeared

This is a very diverse aquarium water pump in the sense that it can be submerged and can also be used in-line. However, since this guide is all about finding and reviewing the quietest water pumps this pump will be explained as if it was submerged. With these devices, there is plenty of choices when it comes to the flow rate.

If you’re a beginner we suggest that you keep it simple and stick with a 39gph model because this will be able to handle most average fish tanks (up to 99 gallons). The pump is relatively small and light, measuring at 8.6” x 5.7” x 4” and weighing 2 pounds. It also allows you to fit different attachments and tubing to accommodate your fish tank.


Super SunSun Aquarium Power Head


  • The water pump is very quiet
  • Easy to install

The Limitations

  • The adjustable function is a little lackluster and needs improving

It is very small and only weighs 3.6 ounces. The pump’s size means that it has a relatively small flow rate of 158gph. However, that should be enough for a 40-gallon tank which is fine for the average fish tank.


Eheim Compact Water Pump 600

The Benefits

  • Perfect for the smallest tanks because you can adjust the flow
  • It had a 3-year warranty
  • Very quiet
  • Made to last
  • Small so it doesn’t distract people from the aquarium

The Limitations

  • The exposed steel components mean that it may be prone to rust

This is a great little pump that is very light and will fit into any tank, without becoming an overt distraction that ruins the beauty of the aquarium. The device can pump an impressive 158 gallons (referred to as 600 liters by the company) an hour, despite its tiny size. The size of the pump measures at (H) 3.3” x (W) 1.8” x (D) 2.6”.


Why Do You Even Need a Water Pump?

An aquarium water pump is very important and every fish tank or aquarium needs one to stay clean and usable for the fish inside. The water pump is not used for cleaning in itself. The point of it is to push water from one place in the tank to another.

In most cases, the water will be pushed towards a filtration system that you should have installed which will clean the water and keep it fresh. These pumps do not have to be used to push water into a machine/filtration system so they can be used to push the water back into the tank after it has passed through the filtration system. Without a pump, your fish tank wouldn’t be able to function.

It Can Be Used For Other Mechanisms

Not only can your water pump be used to power and supply your filtration system but it can be used to push water into other devices that you’ve added to your tank. Devices such as wave makers and UV sterilizing equipment all benefit from one of these because of the currents it creates.

They’re Not Quiet

As you can see, they are an important feature in a fish tank and they are required to not only keep the tank clean but also to push water into other devices. The main issue with a good product is that they are noisy. If you happen to have the tank in your bedroom at night you are going to be want to have a quieter pump so that you can sleep.

What Size Should You Get?

accessory to move waterIt is important to understand the size of your tank in comparison to the water pump that you should buy. All products are different and you need to make sure that the one you purchase can handle the amount of water that your tank holds. The bigger the tank the more water the pump will have to push.

When looking at the different models, look towards the gph because this will tell you how much water the machine can push in an hour. You need to find a model that can pump 4 times the amount of water your tank can hold. So if you have a 50-gallon tank you need a pump that can push 200 gph. It is for this reason why the above reviews focus solely on gph and noise.

Other considerations include the size of the fish you’re having and the environment of your tank. If you have lot plants you may want to reconsider a fast pushing pump because you may kill them.

Where Are You Going to Place It?

When it comes to placing your aquarium water pump you have two choices, you can either have a submersible water pump or an in-line water pump. Both have the same effect but they are simply placed in different areas of the tank.

Submersible Water Pumps

These are pumps that go underneath the water, physically inside the fish tank. They are the smallest water pumps and take up less external space which is good if you don’t have a lot of space for the fish tank in your house.

They also mean that you do not have to DIY and drill holes in the side of your precious fishtank. It is also recommended that you use these types of pumps if you’re looking to reduce noise.

In-Line Water Pumps

In-line water pumps work in a similar fashion to submersible ones, with the exception that they operate outside of the tank. For these pumps, you will need extra space outside of the tank and will need to drill holes in the sides to fit the tubes through.

The benefits of these pumps is they do not add heat to the water and they do not take up extra space inside the tank, which is an issue if you have one of the smallest fish tanks. However, because they are not underwater, they are significantly noisier.


Having a water pump is very important and will ensure that your tank is working and staying clean. They are not there to simply make your tank look prettier and more life-like, they are there to push water into a different system (like filtration) to make sure that the fish tank stays clean and fresh.

As this guide has suggested, they are not exactly the quietest of fish tank accessories and if you have a big tank or a bedroom tank, you are going to want the quietest one possible.