2018’s Best Fish Food: Top Rated For Tropical & Freshwater Fish

the best fish foodAny fish owner knows that it is important to care of them just as much as you would with any other pet; providing a safe tank as a home, proper bubbles and lighting and also making sure they are fed the best fish food for optimum health.

There are types and brands of fish foods for every different species and type of fish so it is important to do your research and really know what is the best quality for your specific pet before buying and feeding them just any product.

Luckily, there is a way for you to determine if what you are feeding your fish is quality or not and that’s what we are here to help you with.

Now we are going to list our top reviews for what to feed both tropical, marine and freshwater species. Read about what good quality brands are worth your hard earned cash and which aren’t…

Best Fish Food

Tetra JumboKrill Freeze-Dried Jumbo Shrimp

This type of jumbo shrimp is ideal for the larger species of fish like Tetras, snowflake eel and even hermit crabs.  One of the coolest parts about this type of food is the fact that it is especially helpful in keeping the eels and hermit crab colors vibrant.

It has heavy amount of Vitamin E, protein, and fat which helps keep their colors, young. This type of food can be frozen which makes for a longer expiration date as well.

This is great if you like to stock up and buy a bunch at a time as the frozen food can be unthawed at any time and used.

TetraCichlid Cichlid Flakes

This fish food is ideal for the top and mid-water feeder fish like African Cichlids.  There are a few different sizes available and it is important if your Cichlids have never tried this fish food before, to buy the smaller one first, just in case they don’t take too well to it.

The flakes are full of Vitamin C and are thicker than you would think so they hold up well when nibbled on. The nutrients in each flake are helpful for your their immune system. Be sure you know your fish will like to eat these flakes before buying a large container of it – it will definitely last you a while!

Zoo Med Spirulina 20 Flake

This fish food is made for freshwater and saltwater fish – the flakes are packed full of nutrients such as raw protein and amino acids. The prices for this brand are fairly cheap, considering the amounts of grams you are getting in each container.

The only downfall of this type of flake food is that the flakes are on the larger side and may not be safe for smaller fish.

Hikari Tropical Semi-Floating Micro Pellets

These pellets are very colorful and it’s not just for an aesthetically pleasing factor – the colors actually mean something!

The green pellets are rich in vegetable fibers; red means they are full of amino acids and protein, and the yellow pellets are good for vitamins and minerals. This ensures your fish get a balanced and nutritious diet. These pellets are not going to sink fully in the tank as they are meant to feed the mid-water feeding fish.

TetraMin Tropical Flakes

This fish food is obviously the best for tropical freshwater fish like an angelfish or guppy. It is stuffed full of a ProCare blend of Omega-3 fatty acids which are important in order to gain healthy weight, and have their immune systems, boosted; it also aids in the improvement of metabolism.

These flakes are easily digestible and have proven to not cloud the tank water and make things dirty.

Omega One Veggie Rounds

As the name would suggest, this food is created for herbivore fish and fresh and salt water fish as well. These veggie rounds are made from fresh kelp as well as a popular fish food ingredient, spirulina.

Because this product is made with freshly grown kelp from Alaska, there are some chances that a bad batch can be made due to spoiled or kelp gone bad.

New Life Spectrum Thera-A Medium 2mm

When it comes to fish food, this brand and type is one of the highest rated in the industry.  This type of food actually contains garlic as well as other anti-parasitic ingredients.

A 500-gram container of this fish food is the best bang for your buck and will last you quite some time – so long in fact that it has a 2-year long expiration date on it!

San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

Although this is one of the more expensive types of food, it is full of huge amounts of nutrients that are necessary for your pet’s health. Lipids, fatty acids, essential fatty acids and proteins make up each and every dried shrimp.

Aside from the price being a downfall, this food should be taken out of your aquarium’s water soon after your pet has finished eating.  If you wait longer than 3 minutes, your water can become a little bit cloudy and which is not ideal.

TetraVeggie Algae Wafers

Essential for bottom feeders, these wafers will sink to the bottom of your tank and fill your fish with nutrients and healthy vegetables. Goldfish and certain types of catfish will benefit greatly from these wafers.

The Tetra brand is a staple in homes everywhere for many years – it is reliable and cost efficient if you buy online as opposed to in stores. Just like other brands, it is important to test the food out before buying large amounts.

Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms

These worms are a pure treat.  It is full of nutrients and freeze dried for easy feeding abilities. This is the closet food available to ‘fresh’ food and although it is near the most expensive types; your pets will thank you for getting them this dessert type of nutritional and healthy food.

The worms will float due to being freeze-dried so if you want your bottom feeders to enjoy them as well, try soaking them in water for a little while, before putting them in the tank.

Types Of Food

Before you go running to the pet store to pick up the cute clown fish you saw on the website, it’s crucial that you know what types are available.  The typical type is either flakes or pellets, however, there are many different types that are just as healthy.


These are ideal for all types of your common aquarium fish.  Again, these are also one of the more popular types of food.


There are different sizes of pellet food which you can buy for your bigger or smaller species. This type of food will float on the top of the water – usually beta fish enjoy this type of food.


If you are planning on getting a catfish, this food will do well with it because the tablets sink in water and are better for the bottom-feeding species of fish.


Smaller and medium-sized fish will benefit greatly from crisps.  They float when first put in the tanks but tend to sink once they get nibbled at or sit for a while in the water.  An eco-friendly food at that, the crisps also tend to leave behind residue and waste that can dirty the tank water.


Typically safer for your larger species.
Wafers – another type of food that sinks to the bottom and are also larger in size.


This food will not sink very quickly so the top-feeders will get a good meal in before it descends to the depths of the tank.


This is ideal for the traveling pet owner.  The blocks are designed to stay in the tank for several days and release just enough food each day.

Freeze Dried

In order to preserve the protein that some are made with, it is necessary to freeze dry them before feeding them to your pet. There are also medicated foods that need to be stored and handled differently in order for them to be properly administered to your pet.


We hope that you enjoyed our best fish food reviews. There is an incredible amount of fish food available for you and your pets.  It might seem overwhelming, but if you do the proper research and pinpoint what is the perfect combination of nutrients for your fish, buying the right food will be a piece of cake.  Remember, your pet’s health and safety should always come first.