2018’s Best Fish Tanks: Top Rated Home Aquarium Reviews

best fish tanks

When you own a pet, the most important thing you can do is to keep them healthy and safe at all times. It is just as important to maintain the health and wellness of a fish as it is for furrier pets.  Getting a good type of food, as well as one of the best fish tanks, is essential in keeping them alive and well for as long as possible.

Aquariums come in all different shapes and sizes, from round or circular, to a square and everything in between.  There are a lot of different types out there so you should definitely do your research before going out and purchasing a new fish tank online – if not chosen properly, your fish could end up being uncomfortable.  Don’t worry we’ve got your back, read our aquarium reviews to find out what products are good quality and worth your hard earned money…

Best Fish Tanks – Our Top 5 Picks

The Fluval Edge Aquarium

This beautiful fish tank made by Fluval is an architects dream. It was designed to literally make you stop and stare at its uniqueness. Because of the nice design, it is commonly found in people’s family rooms across the country to show off to guests. The design has a unique look to it that a lot of people enjoy.

It comes in 2 different gallon sizes and you can also choose from 3 different colors, making it go well in almost any color or room.  Another pleasant surprise is that this product has all these features in a fairly affordable package. Overall it is our favorite pick for the best fish tank.

SeaClear 50 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

This is a great brand to introduce as ‘home’ to your new pet.  It’s definitely a great option for a family that has playful pets and children.  The acrylic design is incredibly durable and is sturdy enough to withstand the force that might cause cracks and breaks.

It is stronger than your average glass fish tank and is actually more clear to see through than glass.  This combo set comes with electrical fixtures and a backdrop reflector which combines everything you need, all in one.

Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

The ML 90609 is one of the boldest and most innovative fish tanks in the industry.  It was created to encompass two different types of LED lights and to create the image of sunlight and moonlight on the water with each bulb.

It comes with clear instructions as to how to set everything up which less tech-savvy people (like me) love to see.

It also includes a glass covering on the top that slides back and forth for easier access to the inside of the tank. This feature is also good for kids to stand at the top and look down at the fish swimming around.

Marina Style Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

This one is an absolute no-brainer for the rookie aquarists to consider buying.  This top rated fish tank literally comes with everything you need to keep your new pet fed and cared for.

It comes with the frame and canopy needed to achieve a sleek and finished look, a thermometer to make sure your pets are living in the right temperature, a net so you can remove your fish for proper cleaning procedures, fish food, and even the needed filtration filters to keep the water purified and clean.

There is also a step by step guide included to help you set things up and then you are good to go! Buying a kit can be a great way to get all the supplies you need at once, which is why I recommend this one.

Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium Kit With Rail Light

The Marineland Contour is an awesome option for your home or office.  It holds 3 gallons of water so you can have multiple colored fish in it and the curved glass design brings a little drama to the tank.

There are blue and white LED lights strategically hidden in the design which allows for a modern, stylish look and cool nighttime lighting features.

The most convenient part of this aquarium is that it comes with a 3-stage filtration system so it regulates the cleaning and maintenance without you having to even lift a finger.

Home Aquarium Buying Guide

There are a few different factors to consider when purchasing your tank.  The most important thing to remember is that you are literally buying a home for your pet.  This is where they are going to spend the rest of their lives so it needs to be perfect.  Whether the home is in the office, bedroom or kitchen corner, here are a few things that will help you choose.

The Price

Depending on the brand and type you get, it may not be inexpensive.  However, it is important to remember that once these initial costs are put down, chances are you probably won’t have to shell out a lot more money further down the road.  Fish are relatively low maintenance and the costs won’t add up, tremendously.

There aren’t any trips to the vet that have to be taken or accessorized collars and leashes that need to be purchased.  Because of this, it may be a good idea to splurge a little on your pets new home – from day 1 they should feel happy and comfortable.

Filtration Method

Clean and purified water is crucial for fish survival.  The tank you get should definitely come with an aquarium filter that is built to regulate and circulate your pet’s living space.  A part of that low maintenance cost that you will be paying, is for filters.  Most tanks require the filters to be changed every so often to keep things fresh and clean.  However, there are some aquariums that come with their own filters so you won’t actually have to buy any separately.

Fish Tank Size

pet in homeAgain, size really does matter!  If you plan on getting a couple of goldfish, it probably isn’t necessary to get a home for them that is as big as your living room wall – they don’t need to live in mansions.

Owning multiple fish is a great idea, therefore, you should definitely find a tank that is going to accommodate all of them comfortably, but not over the top.

The biggest homes require more cleaning and more money.  Getting a nano tank that holds a few gallons is perfect for a small amount of fish.  For many fish, a 55 gallon tank would be better. You’ll also want to get a 55 gallon tank stand if you choose this size.

The Aquarium Material

It’s probably not an amazing idea to buy an aquarium that is made out of cheap plastic or plywood.  Again, the cost of owning a fish isn’t going to add up a lot, so spending what you can on a decent aquarium for your fish, should be considered.  Making sure that you purchase a product with solid construction is very important.  Research the material that was used to build it and make sure it is safe for your new pet.  Products that are made in the USA are usually high quality, although maybe not the cheapest.

Tank Lighting

If you are getting really elaborate and wanting to incorporate real plants in your tank, you must make sure that you have the proper lighting to accompany everything.  Live plants in a tank are there to provide food for you pets, therefore, having the right light in the tank to provide nourishment for the plants will, in turn, provide more nourishment for your fish as well.

If you have decided that the plants you want to get are fake and simply for aesthetic purposes, the aquarium LED lighting you choose to include can be specifically for ambiance purposes.  Just make sure it is safe for your pets and won’t disrupt their daily lives.

Ease Of Cleaning

Are you a busy type of person?  If so then you may want to consider a self cleaning fish tank, as they can save a lot of time.  Other types do require a little more maintenance depending on the fish that are kept in them.

Different Types of Fish Tanks for Sale

There are 4 different types of tanks that you can choose from when deciding which species of new pet, you’d like to bring into the household.

Fish Tanks For Cold Water

The first is called a Coldwater tank.  These are cold, freshwater aquariums that best used at around 70 degrees or a bit lower than room temperature.  Koi fish or goldfish are typically the most comfortable in these types of homes.  Both of these types of fish are relatively low in price and won’t cost that much, all around. Aquarium chillers are good at regulating the temperature in many tanks.

Freshwater/Tropical Fish Tanks

freshwaterFreshwater aquariums are perhaps the most popular type that is purchased.  These are known for being the easiest to clean and maintain after your fish are already living there.  Tropical fish come in all different shapes and sizes – there is a greater variety when choosing which type of fish, you want.

These tanks are typically between 72 and 84 degrees and are said to be the easiest because there are no chemicals involved in treatment and cleaning.  The lighting system that usually accompanies this type of tank, is easy to handle and maintain as well as the filtration systems and other equipment like wave makers.

Brackish Tanks

Brackish tanks are for the most adventurous type of fish owners.  The water is a mix of saltwater and freshwater – think of it as just diluted saltwater.  Not only is this a rare type of tank to have, it can be considered the most tedious to have because it takes a lot of effort and commitment to maintain cleanliness, throughout.

The most well-known type of fish that lives in this type of water is the Pufferfish.  Looking at these fish is very cool, however, they do require a bit of extra work.

Marine Aquariums

marineThe last type of tank that you can choose from is called the Marine Aquarium or reef tank.  This is a straight up, saltwater home for fish.  This can be considered the most expensive type because of a few different factors: the upkeep takes dedication.  The fish that live here require special care because they eat a different type of food and are extremely sensitive to water temperature.

The most rewarding part though is the fact that you can have beautiful, vibrant colored fish as well as living coral and different types of ‘Marine’ life.  The costs of this type can add up but are totally worth it in the long run.

Best Home Aquarium Brands

We know what you’re thinking – how can I possibly choose what type of tank to get for my new pet??  Luckily, we have a complete breakdown of the different brands available and if they are designed for the novice fish owner or the adventurous and experienced type.


This company was founded in 1968 and has always been a leader when it came to producing high-end products. When it comes to caring for your fish they have a lot of different products that will assist you, including tanks, filters, heater and a lot more.

They are a company who have established themselves as innovative and this is part of the reason they offer a wide array of great products. Their desktop kit is one of our favorites and is great for the office and other places with tables. It comes in both 3-gallon and 5-gallon sizes.


DeepBlue aquariums were created with the consumer in mind.  Not only are they cost effective, they also have great designs.  They are the only brand known for using black silicone in their creations as a means to strengthen the durability and reliability of the tank itself.  These tanks are also known for having tempered glass in a few of their different designs.


TopFin is probably the easiest and most inexpensive brands of tank that you can get – however, the cost has no effect on the durability and reliability though.  This brand has kits for beginners or kids that are good if you’ve never had an aquarium before. They also offer the filtration system filters so you don’t have to purchase them separately or at a later time.

In Conclusion

Having a fish as a pet may seem like it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  This is the case sometimes, however, to initially get things going and set up, having one isn’t as challenging as it may seem.  Sure, there are fishes available that require major upkeep and these are the species that only experienced handlers should have.  Having the best fishtank in your living room, den or office can create a cool and relaxing vibe in your home.  If you choose to have one in your office building or workspace, it can create a sense of peace for your co-workers and can also serve as a great conversation starter.

Doing proper research and making sure you know whatever the species requires before going out and buying a tank or a fish is important.  A fish is a living, breathing animal just like any furry friend you may have.  They require a little love and care even though you can’t take them out of their tank to play fetch.  It’s important to remember that they are pet’s too and make sure you provide them with the safest and most comfortable home in the world.